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Information graphs: The low purchase price is not the only cost benefit of lubrication-free and maintenance-free bearing technology2018-03-16

Plain bearings made of high-performance plastics, the so-called Tribo-polymer bearings, are increasingly used in various moving applications worldwide. This is because designers worldwide view these lubrication-free and maintenance-free plastic plain bearings as a long-lasting and cost-saving alternative to metallic bearings – in bicycles and printers as well as in filling plants or agricultural and construction machinery.

One reason: With Tribo-polymer bearings, the purchase costs can be reduced by 40 percent compared to metallic solutions. Moreover, users can also reduce their costs by eliminating external lubrication. With this in mind additional lubricants are avoided, and machine downtimes are significantly reduced. The following information graphs show the cost benefits of avoiding additional lubrication.