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Airfield tanker vehicle with 6-level telescopic crane

The company KAR Kunz Aviation Refueling GmbH is a manufacturer of airfield tanker vehicles with tanking and fire hydrant operation. The hoses and cables on the vehicles were previously used unguided. As of recently, hoses and cables have been moved in e-chains® from igus®.

In the application shown here, the aim was to instal a six-level telescopic crane on an airfield tanker vehicle in order to be able to drive up to the airplane being tanked with the fill nozzle. The standard delivery did not meet the requirements of the KAR design engineers in this case, as it was only available in standard widths to guide heavy hydraulic cables.

An igus® e-chain® from Series E2/000 is now used in the application with control cables from Series CF10 and a pneumatic hose.

Airfield tanker vehicle  
Airfield tanker vehicle  
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