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"RX-tubes" - Applications

World's first from igus® - a completely re-developed E-Tube with chip-repellent design. Chips simply bounce of it, it is extremely tight and yet can still be opened!

Besides its absolutely chip-proof design without undercuts and interfering edges, the RX e-tube offers many other advantages such as its rounded contour that prevents the chips from sticking. The RX-tube has a large filling space with max. 52 mm interior height as well as covered pin/hole connections and stop dogs. It is available as "RBR" version with bending radius on both sides. A perfect connection is made possible by a flange mounting bracket.

The typical industrial applications of the RX-tube are in sectors like machine tools, woodworking machinery, all applications in the immediate chip area, as well as use with dust and dirt accumulations.

Machining centre

The highest possible flexibility when milling and drilling in a single step.

Machining centre    

Combination machines

The manufacturer relies on the very thick RX-tube for supply so that the performance data of the universal machine for milling and drilling remains correct in the long run.

Combination machines    
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