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Cooling and outgassing paternoster

Better pick-up

This cooling and outgassing paternoster is used in an extrusion line for hot water insulation hoses. The individual aluminium paternoster pods were to be connected with a sturdy roller chain with chain bolts in a low-cost, low-noise, easy-to-assemble and low-weight design. A solution had to be found not only for supporting the rotating movement of the pods but also for a linear movement caused by manufacturing tolerances along the chain guide. In the end, the decision was taken in favour of igubal® clip-type spherical bearings ECLM from igus®, since these can pick up the linear movement better than conventional metal bearings.

Cooling and outgassing paternoster_01  
Cooling and outgassing paternoster_02  
Cooling and outgassing paternoster_03  
Cooling and outgassing paternoster_04  
DCM Maschinenbau Lüneburg, Karsten Rieckmann, Lüneburg, Germany
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