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Fair booth

Fascinate by playing

This fair booth brings the fascination of mechanical construction closer to children and young people. Via PlayStation 2 controller, visitors control a ball cannon and shoot on a target. According to the number of hits, the prizes are collected from a conveyor belt from three different candy vending machines and delivered to the child. ecause it should be a transportable system, a low weight of the system was required. Therefore numerous plastic parts from igus® were used instead of conventional metal parts: igubal® flange bearings, plain bearings, thrust washers, clip bearings and PRT slewing ring bearings from the iglidur® series, drylin® guide rails as well as xiros® pedestal bearings and polymer ball bearings.

Fair booth_01  
Fair booth_02  
Höhere Technische Bundes-Lehranstalt Graz-Gösting (HTL), Philip Klampfl, Graz, Austria
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