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Levelling device

Ergonomic screeding

This device supports the levelling of dry fill material. Dry fill material is necessary for modern dry screed which is an alternative to traditional cement screed. At the moment, the dry fill on the floor is levelled in a time-consuming process in a strenuous kneeling position using long straight edges. This device now allows the user to carry out this task much faster and more precisely, and without back strain. iglidur® G plain bearings are used in the hinged mechanism, the moving parts of the control system and the adjustable bases, since these are no problem to use in soiled and dusty environments and show minimum wear. Also in use: a drylin® trapezoidal threaded spindle and a trapezoidal threaded nut.

Levelling device_01  
Levelling device_02  
GB-Systeme GmbH (Bau- u. Entwicklungsgesellschaft Müller UG), Karl-Heinz Müller, Mönchengladbach, Germany
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