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Stretching machine

Friction-free stretching

This stretching machine allows 50 percent of raw material to be saved with film/foil products. The foil length is shaped into a wave foil using hundreds of small discs. These waves are laid flat shortly before the stretching process, which means the molecular strands in the plastic are completely relaxed despite the high load. Each of the discs has to run smoothly to prevent any friction. In addition, the position of the discs must be able to be adjusted very exactly. This precise adjustment and positioning of the discs is very time-consuming. The extremely compact design of the system leaves no room for lubricating or greasing equipment either. These requirements were only fulfilled when the conventional ball bearings were replaced by iglidur® plastic bearings from igus®.

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O-BR Enterprise, developments and licensing, Nikolaj Rasmussen, Walchwil, Switzerland
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