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Recumbent trike

In the first version of the trike, traditional metal bearings were used. Due to their lower weight and better suspension qualities, the company switched to igubal® rod end bearings. The iglidur® J plastic plain bearings replaced ball bearings on the head section using a self-aligning front wheel with a smooth, frictionless movement. Two igubal® rod end bearings are used on the trike's direct steering assembly. Each bearing connects one of the two front spindles (or steering arms) with a drawbar. The handles used to steer the trike are fastened directly to the spindles. This helps to achieve lighter, cleaner and more reliable steering for the rider, as there are less moving parts than with the conventional indirect steering mechanism. "The igubal® bearings are much better suited to dampen the vibration from the wheels to the arms," the company chairman reports. "We can also use really big rod end bearings without increasing the weight too much. That means we can use a stiffer bar, which in turn guarantees better wheel alignment." The iglidur® plastic bearings cost less, the frame does not have to be machined, the vibration damping is increased, and they provide more friction for a better control of the steering.

Recumbent trike

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