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igus® Sp. z o.o.

ul. Działkowa 121C

02-234 Warszawa

+48 22 863 57 70
+48 22 863 61 69

Garden appliance

The company develops and builds truck-mounted customized spraying systems for gardening and tree care companies. The customer needed a mechanical mixing device inside the spray tanks. For this purpose the mixing shafts had to be driven by a belt using a drive disk on the back of the pump shaft. Furthermore, these had to be quickly switched on and off when needed. The space was limited and it was difficult to guarantee the alignment. The challenge was to design a belt tensioner that is affordable, manages with the space available, compensates the alignment and withstands the aggressive chemical environment.
"igus® comes to the rescue!" said the company chairman. Using igubal® spherical bearings, the tensioner turns on the mixing shaft itself. The spherical bearing solved the misalignment problem, removed the space problems and is maintenance-free. It should keep going longer than the machine.

Garden appliance

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