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More precise and flexible

Travelling column milling machine

The bronze vector went to the advanced development of a travelling column milling machine. The new machine was to be more precise, more flexible and economical than its predecessor. The rigid machine bed made of composite mineral and the symmetrical travelling column ensure greater precision. In order to reduce the design space required and keep energy supply costs as low as possible, the Y and Z-axes of this travelling column machine were to be realized using an energy chain. The travel is 0.7 metres on each axis, maximum travel speed 1.3 metres per second. The universal igus® e-chain® series E4.1 can really show off its strengths here: The patent- registered interlocking side links ensure high lateral stability, which became necessary on account of the high lateral acceleration through the X-axis of up to 8 m/s². The inner height of the installed e-chain® is 42 millimetres.

DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH, René Petsch,
Seebach, Germany

Travelling column milling machine

Travelling column milling machine

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