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Camera robot systems

Camera robots for an application in news and television studios: A system has been developed that optimally fits into the environment of the new NDR news studio and it is based on a high-performance industry robot with six-axles. This system consists of three independent robots that are mounted to the ceiling and each travels on a linear rail with different Kamerarobotersysteme Camera robot systems lengths up to twelve metres. An 18-metre wide and curved media wall is used in the studio, where the robots are arranged in a triangle around the moderation tables. The challenge: Required was an energy chain for a travel of up to twelve metres that can take a high load capacity but being very silent at the same time and which can be exposed with maximal smoothness to a 24 hour operation. e-chains® from igus® from the product series E6 fulfil this performance profile.
Camerobot Systems GmbH, Peter Pühringer, Bayreuth, Germany

Camera robot systems  
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