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Highly innovative machine tool

Another great project with five students of the machine tools research team is under way at the Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb), Technical University of Munich. Thanks to the sponsorship of some companies including YES, the igus® Young Engineers Support, Jan Rasch, Cedric Rohr, Thomas Odenthal, Markus Hölle and Christian Junghans could implement their project, the development and construction of a machine tool. At present they have made ​​a 1:1 scale model in wood. Their next step is to transfer all components from the model to a steel structure. The model can be moved and controlled via a touch screen, and in the process the self-developed software will be continuously advanced and optimized.

Project description:

Objectives of the student project "highly innovative machine tool"(wzmi) are the development and design as well as the construction of a machine tool. This will be exhibited as a demonstrator at trade shows and events. With the machine, the research projects of the machine tools team and its partners will be appealingly demonstrated to the audience.

The concept of the machine tool includes features that reflect the current research topics in the field of production technology. Thus, for example, the friction welding should also be implemented with the milling spindle with automatic tool change. All the exciting machining is designed for dry operation. Furthermore, the team strives to implement the control system with an open bus system, because linear drives from different manufacturers are used. The versatility is another key requirement.

The five-member team consisting of students of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering has set itself the objective of making the implementation of this new machine concept systematically. Parts of the development process included finite element methods and multi-body simulations, as well as verification by trials. The project is now in the second round. While the structural part has received the final touch, the machine should now be brought to life by the implementation of the control and feedback control systems. A laboratory setup with the drive and control elements as well as the assembly unit will be exhibited at the "Munich Colloquium".

Current status and data:

Dimensions: 1300 mm x 1300 mm x 1300 mm

Travels X/Y/Z: 500 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm

Spindle: n = 0…24.000 1/min, p = 3.6 kW

Axes: 2x KGT (Y,Z), 1x LDA (X), 1x rotary table B-axis, 1x drive assembly unit

Manual assembly

Production characteristics and CAD model

Dry machining

Complete machining

Milling and friction welding with one spindle

Assembly process in the working area

Transparent processes

Open control (IPC)


Energy efficiency

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