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Noise-free use in the Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg

An E2/000 e-chain® Series 255 is used here in the new model airport "Knuffingen Airport" - a replica of the Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel airport and a part of the adjacent Lufthansa hangar - at the Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg. On an area of 150 sq.m., 360 takeoffs and landings of almost 40 different aircrafts can be seen here daily. The aircraft lift provides the connection between the takeoff and landing strip level and the other floors below.

The so-called "catapult takeoff and landing" is provided by installing two counter-running E2/000 e-chains® of the Series 255, which is integrated in a super aluminum trough with a dampening profile. The reason for the use of the energy chain was its small pitch, whereby only a very low polygon effect was achieved when unrolling in the radius. An additional objective was a very low-noise application, without the e-chains® making noise in operation, for which the dampening profile was additionally used in the guide channel.

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