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OpenHydro tidal turbine

Regenerative energies use this application, which was awarded the bronze vector: the OpenHydro tidal turbine. It generates electric power through the inflow and outflow of water at low and high tide on the coast of the Scottish Orkney Islands. The turbine has a diameter of 6 metres. The igus® e-chain® 4040 from the E4/4 series protects the deployed chainflex® motor and signal cables during the lifting and lowering movements of the turbine and also protects them against aggressive ambient conditions. The travel distance amounts to approx. 20 metres in vertical direction above and under water with the robust e-chain® guided in a steel trough. The robust e-chain® is thereby guided in a stainless steel trough. The vertical travel is transformed into a horizontal stroke by turning through 90 degrees. A plastic chain makes any kind of maintenance on the open sea superfluous and was the only eligible solution because a conventional metal chain would not have stood up to the combination of technical environment and mechanical demands.

Fountain Design Limited, Mike Galbraith,
Bishop Auckland, UK

OpenHydro tidal turbine
OpenHydro tidal turbine
OpenHydro tidal turbine

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