Clearance-free and quiet linear bearing technology for cost-effective 3D printer

drylin N low-profile guide systems were installed in this affordable and high-performance 3D printer.

This 3D printer allows rapid creation of plastic prototypes. In addition to its stylish design, the printer is characterised by a high degree of flexibility, which is achieved by a print head for two filaments and linear guides with flexible magnetic joints, among other things. To enable fast, quiet and precise movements during the printing process, the developers opted for our drylin linear guides and carriages.


  • What was needed: drylin N low-profile guide systems from the drylin linear technology modular system
  • Requirements: Fast, reliable, precise process; cost-effective implementation
  • Industry: 3D printing
  • Success for the customer: drylin linear technology combines high performance (speed, precision, maintenance-free) with low costs. Pel3o was thus able to make an affordable printer for private individuals or small companies.
3D-printer drylin N The 3D printer from pel3o is an affordable tool for creating prototypes quickly and cost-effectively. Low-profile guide systems from our drylin N product portfolio are installed.


The Slovenian company Pel3o d.o.o. has dedicated itself to the research and realisation of new 3D printing technologies. One example of the start-up's product solutions is a new 3D printer specially designed for rapid prototyping. Developed for the rapid production of high-quality prototype versions of products, it is used in particular by small and medium-sized companies and hobbyists.
The 3D printer, which can easily fit on any table, shows its strengths in the details. A print head for two filaments, a heating print table for the use of all common plastic polymers and auto-calibration enable reliable, fast and, thanks to laser technology, precise 3D printing. The printer is also quiet, intuitive to operate and designed for all common open source programs. 
The machine's linear guides should also be able to fulfil the requirements of the 3D printer. To ensure high precision, they had to allow no clearance, move smoothly and reliably and be as vibration-free and noise-free as possible.


In order to fulfil the specifications for the 3D printer, the engineers decided to use drylin N low-profile guide systems and carriages. The linear systems from the modular system of our drylin guide technology enable reliable movement of the print head in tight spaces. As they do not allow any clearance, the high precision requirements for the production of prototypes could be met. The time factor is also taken into account. The drylin carriages allow for a high motion speed, which should enable customers to create prototypes more quickly and companies to make quick decisions and launch innovations on the market. And the ease of use is also high thanks to the low noise level during movement and easy maintenance of the drylin linear bearings. As the system not only fulfils Pel3o's performance requirements, but is also cost-effective, the 3D printing specialist was able to build an affordable printer that works with high quality and reliability, making it an interesting alternative to many expensive industrial printers.
The rapid prototyping machines can also be used by private individuals or in schools, for example, as a cost-effective alternative to larger and more expensive 3D printers.

3D printer_01 The 3D printer from pel3o fits on any table. It is designed for all common open source programs.
3D printer_02 drylin N low-profile guide systems enable fast, precise, quiet and reliable prototyping.

Pel3o, raziskave in razvoj, d.o.o., Miha Pelko, Ljubljana, Slovenia