3D printers

“LumiForge” is a 3D resin printer in which different products from the series iglidur® and drylin® are installed. The unit is equipped with two systems: One supports the movements of the printer to create printing areas with different sizes, and the other one supports the precise shift of the carrier on which the printed product is created. The central element of a 3D-DLP-resin printer is the motion system of the z-axis. A solution was searched for, that guarantees high precision – at best less than 50 micrometres – and which is cost-effective. The decision in favour of products from igus® was made right away: They ensure among other things a smooth movement of the carrier, plus a minimal print resolution of 37.5 micrometres. This professional system is offered for an attractive price.

Lumi Industries, Davide Marin, Montebelluna, Italy

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