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igus® Sp. z o.o.

ul. Działkowa 121C

02-234 Warszawa

+48 22 863 57 70
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Machine tool manufacture

A newly developed horizontal CNC inclined-bed turning lathe, equipped with a main and opposed spindle as well as two turrets It is used in metalworking applications – including for the production of small to medium-sized turned parts in medium or high quantities. One special feature is the consistent same parts strategy for all structural components both inside the machine as well as across design sizes and types. The line is easy to assemble and has been optimised for maintenance. The cable management within a very compact space had to be solved: this involves three-dimensional media routing, some of which is subject to a rotating movement. 3D energy tubes from igus® as well as the highly wear-resistant Tribo-Tape made of iglidur® guarantee best results.
Schiess Tech GmbH, Ralf Berghaus, Berlin, German

Machine tool manufacture

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