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"Series Rol e-chain®" - Applications

Rol e-chain® - Rolls instead of glide - Conventionally designed e-chains® are used for long travels in the gliding mode. The reason for developing the igus® Rol e-chain® was the necessity to extend the technical limits of this operating mode. The requirements for e-chains® for long travels have increased steadily in recent years. Travels of 800 meters also pose new challenges in crane building such as high travel speeds with extreme cable loads. Please call us if you have opted for this product. We'll help you in the project planning!

Typical industrial sectors and applications

The igus® Rol e-chain® is predestined for applications in which long travels at high speeds must be implemented. This is the case for instance in photo-finish cameras or in materials handling systems. Costs can be saved even in slower applications in the crane sector or in shunting facilities by the low friction coefficients of the system, as the dimensioning of the drives can turn out to be considerably smaller.

Overview of the Rol e-chain® applications:

Energy chain in open-air storage facility for alumina production

Design and installation of a roller energy chain for outdoor use on a bauxite stockpile - an environment with extremely harsh ambient conditions.

Mobile playing field

Roller energy chains moves the playing field of the VELTINS arena in Gelsenkirchen

Coal excavator

Long travel distances and all-weather use for the energy-supply on a coal excavator.

Lock gate in Wilhelmshaven (Germany)

Here, the second largest lock in the world has been fitted with a new water gate.

Żuraw w odlewni

Te trzy żurawie służą do transportu pojemników z ciekłym metalem w odlewni.

More applications from different sectors