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Crane technology

In a dumb deposit company in Belgium, the trailing cables have been replaced in two running cranes with e-chains® from igus®. This project was related with several challenges: The cranes need to travel 116 metres; its speed is 2.5 metres per second with an acceleration of 0.5 metres per s². Both cranes are using the same rail, they require therefore two long e-chains® that are travelling one above the other in the same trough. Trailing cables could hardly manage such different loads with the consequence of frequent damage and production losses. igus® delivered the perfect solution: The cable length could be on one hand shortened by completely pre-assembled e-chains® from the product line readychain® and on the other hand the life time is increased.
TCS nv, Hakan Tiren, Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium

Crane technology
Crane technology
Crane technology

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