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triflex® R (R do "okrągłych") jest trzecim pokoleniem 3-osiowych łańcuchów energii firmy igus®. Wieloosiowy system zasilania energią triflex® R został specjalnie rozwinięty do zaawansowanych 6-osiowych robotów pracujących w ciężkich warunkach przemysłowych. Niektóre z ważnych cech projektowych obejmują: opcja drążka z włókna do częściowego wzmocnienia triflex® R, około ±10° skrętu na ogniwo łańcucha, duża wytrzymałość na rozciąganie poprzez przegub kulowy. W międzyczasie zakres produktów triflex® R składa się z ponad 100 części tak, że mogą być spełnione wszystkie wymagania od dużych robotów spawających do małych robotów granulujących. triflex® R uzyskał nagrodę projektową iF.

Typowe sektory przemysłu oraz zastosowania:

First choice for industrial robots, machine tools, 6-axle handling equipment, conveyor technology, general mechanical engineering and many more.

Applications with cobots

Automotive industry

Electronic components in vehicles are checked over again in the last production segment – robots check all the systems on the interior.

Overview of triflex® R applications:

Manipulator robota

Zwiększona przestrzeń robocza oraz brak kolizji pomiędzy kadłubem a manipulatorem robota.

Robotic systems in automotive welding and assembly lines

Compactly built and 3D movable energy supply system

Automatic injection moulding

Here, a triflex® from igus® protects the pneumatic lines attached to a robot: it is an integrated part of an injection moulding line.

Industry washing facility

A robot is positioned in a washing chamber and the cables for sensor or pneumatic hoses revive its six axles.

CNC technology

CNC drilling or milling – simultaneously at both sides of the machine tool shaft.


Robot controlled procedure in the car industry: Spot welding or arc welding are applications that are used in very different assemblies.

Automotive industry

The demand for reliable, energy-saving light solutions is growing.


A Discone antenna rotates about + / - 360 degrees an in the vertical axis about + / - 130 degrees.

Four-fold load capability

Multi-dimensionally moving energy supply system for a palletising robot

Mobile laser hardening system

Reliable 3D energy-chain for a mobile laser hardening system

CNC multi-spindle lathes

Greater freedom of motion at very high cycle rates

3D plasma cutting heads

Having the ability to move in all directions, 3D energy chains permit axes to swivel continuously.

Assembly robot

Clean separation of various media in the automobile industry.

Hall crane equipment

This energy supply saves space by avoiding the trough.

Multi-directional sideloader

This sideloader solves flexible logistics tasks for wooden panels.

Melting furnace

This furnace, which is used to melt stainless steel, is operated at very high temperatures.

Welding robot

Increased speeds and acceleration by exchanging festoonings with e-chains®.

CNC machine

This equipment is used to machine metal components used in construction equipment.

Zoom X-Ray detector

Only maintenance-free components can be used in this x-ray application.

Robots in the automotive industry

An uncluttered work space without distracting cables for high reliability.

Spot-welding robot

An uncluttered work space and fewer malfunctions are possible without distracting cables.

Inspection robot

Light-weight and mobile robot to inspect pipes on inclines and declines.

Przemysł samochodowy

Multidimensionally moveable energy supply systems provide the highest flexibility and the longest holding times in all complex movements, and at the same time are installation friendly.

Clean room technology

The number of freely hanging cables should be bundled together. The specific movements executed by the robot stress the energy cables to a high degree.

Przemysł farmaceutyczny

The task was to design a reliable handling and also update it optically according to the latest technology.

8 hours saved in installation

By the use of triflex® RS, the start-up of a complete system for robot-aided production of household appliances could be shortened from 12 to 4 hours.

Multi-axis robots

Maintenance free with cables and multi-dimensional energy chains.

Satellite salvage service

An increasing amount of space junk, in other words no longer required or defect parts from space missions orbiting the earth, is also threatening current missions.

Household appliances production

Just 24 hours passed between order, delivery and installation. The entire system functions without any problem from the first day on.


Dust, sand, heat and rain: Energy chain for the solar technology for multiaxial movements in a photovoltaic plant.


Design of a machine tool with highly integrated mechatronic milling module.

Suspended articulated arm robot

triflex® R as a complete solution for several tasks at once on a suspended robot

Linia montażowa

Robot in a Ford assembly line in Cologne.

Systemy przenoszące

System przenoszący z robotami do płytek drukowanych Elastyczny system zasilania energią w zastosowaniu w technologii czystego pomieszczenia.

Automatic screwdriver system

A faultless supply of screws is guaranteed by the bend protection of the triflex® R system.

Robot Dummy

Bardzo duże przyspieszenia były tu dużym wyzwaniem dla konstruktorów tego robota.

Prowadzenie kabla na robocie

Prior to the use of the e-chain®, the cables were fastened with cable ties. That frequently led to entangled cables and the corkscrew effect, which lets the cables become susceptible to core ruptures.

Prowadzenie kabla na robocie

W przypadku tych robotów, węże musiały być wymieniane co kilka tygodni.

Prowadzenie kabla na robocie

W przypadku tego robota przemysłowego , sztywna rura między osią czwarta a szóstą została zastapiana, elastycznym prowadnikiem triflex® R.

Teleskop mierzący laserem

The rotary motion in both directions by up to 310° is also possible at high speeds of up to 20 meters per second.

Robot do przenoszenia malowanego okręgu.

For the handling of printed circuit boards, a six-axis robot is used in the case of this application instead of the usual linear systems.

Photovoltaic tracking system

Automatically aligning the photovoltaic tracking systems to the position of the sun with the aid of lubricant-free plastic plain bearings produces a particularly high efficiency.

Robot spawający laserem

This laser welding robot works extremely fast. Here, a very flexible and, above all, fail-safe energy supply system is required.


Po skończeniu, ten ogromny teleskop w Arizonie ( USA ) umożliwi obserwacje wszechświata, śrdnica soczewek 8,4 m!


Specjalną właściowością tej aplikacji są gorące wióry powstające w wyniku procesu obróbki, które nie przywierają do prowadnika igus® E-Chain co znacząco redukuje koszty obsługi.

Dragon robot

A robot as an actor: Tradinno is one of the main actors in Germany's oldest folk play the "Further Drachenstich".

Assembly robot

The combination of movements in different axes makes it difficult to dimension the cables properly. If they are too short, they tear.

spindle robot

This high-frequency spindle robot has been improved – not only in terms of looks – by the use of the universal module triflex® RS.

Industrial scanners

Here, igus® e-chains® are used in two industrial scanner applications. With the first application, cracks can be determined in concrete slabs.

Control robot

This robot in a car factory is the “supervisor” over five smaller robots that supply it.

Assembly robot

These robots assemble household appliances such as dishwashers. They ensure safe handling when welding two plastic moulded parts.


This device breaks down kidney stones using electromagnetic shock waves, so that an operation is no longer necessary.

Spot-welding robot

The downtimes have been drastically reduced through the use of an igus® solution for this robot in automotive construction, too.

Robot for car glass handling

igus® triflex® R has successfully replaced the previous solution attempted with this robot, too.

Robot in car factory

Extremely cramped conditions repeatedly led to problems with energy chains used with robots in a car factory.

Robot arm for labeling

The robot arm in this application labels car parts. Its special feature is the almost fence- less operation.

MIG welding robot

Cable protection is particularly important for this application, since the welding robot works with gas!

Cableway switch

Every day, the cableway cabins on the Kitzsteinhorn cableway have to be moved off or put back onto the storage sidings in the top and bottom stations.

Self-stabilizing platform "Ampelmann“

This platform, which has been given the name “Ampelmann”, is used on the open sea.

Tobacco packaging

A lot of dust occurs during the tobacco packing. For this reason, an e-chain® that works perfectly even under very dusty conditions had to be found for this packaging machine.

Test equipment

Robot energy chain triflex® R in test equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

Nuclear physics

A telescope that allows research and observation of the Tscherenkow radiation in an international project can rotate around two axles.

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.