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Savings in logistics and installation

readychain® for wood working machines

95% of the wood working machines of the Weeke Bohrsysteme GmbH are equipped with igus® energy supply systems. To further optimize the production costs at the German location, the company decided a year ago to use preassembled readychain® energy supply systems in a new type series of machine tools for the stationary production of the Venture series.

Individual solutions through joint planning

"We make top-quality standard machines which should function smoothly," says the acting CEO of Weeke, Theo Sudholt. To optimize the costs for the stationary machines, we now increasingly rely on the system suppliers. Together with igus®, a solution was planned for three different CNC machines to supply the X and Y axis with energy and signals in a flexible manner. The readychain® came into application in the Venture series within a guaranteed delivery time of ten working days. It is a preassembled system with inlaid chainflex® cables and all plug connections, labeled, with defined projecting lengths according to customer specifications.

There is little space available and the cables are strongly stressed due to the complex movements. The feed rates are at 100 m/min and the travel length at 4 to 6 m. The chain should be quick to install and maintenance-free. Added to this are protection against chips and dust. Drilling speed is up to 24,000 revolutions. The fine dust, being not allowed to enter the chain joints, drops off even when the machines work with chips flying around.

e-chain® in the sawmill

Preassembled energy supply system for machining center


In the Venture Series, preassembled energy supply systems are used for the first time. The series for the stationary production covers the whole processing range of drilling, milling and sawing as well as grooving of the workpieces in one clamping and can be expanded in future on the basis of a modular kit system. Its application areas are, among others, the door, office furniture and kitchen processing.

"Due to the good collaboration, we decided on the preassembled system to reduce the running time," Theo Sudholt takes stock. "We jointly planned the system solution for approximately three months in close collaboration. The series went into serial production in the fall of last year, but since then we have already fitted at least 150 machines with the system solution.

e-chain® in the sawmill

Theo Sudholt in the assembly shop for CNC-controlled machining centers for stationary production

Halved installation times

To supply the two axes of the stationary machines, the choice fell on E-Tubes. Thus a requirement of the American market could be met. The chip-repellant outer contour and the encapsulated or enclosed stop dogs provide a comprehensive protection to the cables and hoses. Due to the well-proportioned inner and outer dimensions, they can be installed in minimum space. The around 23 chainflex® cables – servo- and data cables, control and fiber-optic cables – are designed for international application and conform to the UL requirements.

Differently preassembled energy supply systems were planned for three machine types at Weeke. "If we would assemble at our site, we would never be able to achieve the short holding times," explains Helmut Gröne. Theo Sudholt comments in conclusion: "In future we will increasingly rely on system suppliers, also in other areas. We first of all save costs and second, can focus on our core business. We have good experiences with the preassembled energy supply systems in the Venture Series. An extension of the system to other wood machining tools is possible. “

e-chain® in the sawmill

High stress from chips and dust

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