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Suspended, upright, rotating, unsupported, no problem!

A variety of installation types for e-chains®

FPT INDUSTRIE S. p.A. uses a variety of e-chains® for its CNC machining centers. e-chains® are installed in a variety of positions. Chains are installed hanging, upright, rotating and unsupported.


DINOMAX is a milling machine with a traveling crossbeam in a gantry design. The gantry machine has a travel of 10 meters in the X-axis. In order to distribute the filling weight, a decision was made to assemble two e-chains® inside each other. The exterior chain guides the cables, whereas the interior chain guides the hydraulic hoses. Together, they guide a filling weight of 24kg per meter.
The e-chains® travel at the speed of 50 meters per second at an acceleration of 5m/s². Another e-chain® is used in an upright installation configuration.

Spirit e-chains® from 5050 series were assembled in an unsupported manner on the traveling column machine. The Y and Z axes have a travel of 8,000 mm and 1,750 mm at a speed of 25 meters per minute.

Photo of the Dinomax CNN machining center  
Photo of the Spirit CNN machining center  
Photo of the Spirit CNN machining center  
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