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drylin® przykłady zastosowań liniowych łożysk ślizgowych

drylin® - Liniowe łożyska ślizgowe poruszają się na elementach ślizgowych, przeciwnie do powszechnych systemów łożysk kulkowych. Te elementy ślizgowe wykonane z wysokowydajnych polimerów mogą być wykonane w zasadzie ze wszystkich materiałów iglidur®. Z tego powodu, zalety różnych materiałów łożyskowych iglidur® są dostępne w technologii liniowej DyLin®. Jakkolwiek najlepszym do aplikacji liniowych jest iglidur® J poprzez swoje dobre własności cierne. Dlatego też, liniowe łożyska Drylin są wyposażone w ten właśnie materiał. Ten przegląd aplikacji ilustruje bardzo zmienny i szeroki obszar zastosowań bezobsługowych systemów prowadnic liniowych drylin®.

Wyszukaj z ponad 250 zastosowań naszych klientów

W wielu branżach, rozwiązania usprawniono technicznie oraz obniżono koszty, dzięki zastosowaniu liniowych łożysk ślizgowych drylin®.

Carpenters rely on drylin linear guides and telescopic rails

drylin telescopic rails ensure smooth and maintenance-free movement in furniture

Blister centre

igus bearing technology in an automated blister centre. Automated medicine handling for chemist shops/pharmacies: with over 7,500 systems installed worldwide, Rowa Systems from Becton Dickinson is a clear leader in this market segment.

Ready-to-install components for labelling machines

Numerous rotary and linear bearings from the igus® product range are not the only ones installed in KHS GmbH's labelling machines.

Linear guide
components for 3D printers

fabmaker relies on proven linear guide components for 3D printers.

Medical assistance system

This year’s Gold award winner is a system that assists doctors with keyhole cochlea implant surgery to treat inner ear deafness and profound deafness.

3D printing machine

This year, Bronze goes to a laser-based 3D printing machine that prints metal parts made of titanium, aluminium, steel or even gold.

Mobility solutions for people with disabilities

Maintenance-free igus® linear technology are used in electric wheelchairs and rehabilitation therapy systems.

Pit saw for insulation materials

Maintenance-free bearings from the igus® construction kit simplify operation of a pit saw for insulation materials.

Movable touchscreen

This movable touchscreen system has been developed for quality checks in the company’s factories.

Fitness equipment

This fitness equipment works almost silently.

Handling and contacting module

This handling and contacting module is used for the automatic electrical measurement of individual boards in the temperature testing cabinet.


This corkscrew uncorks wine bottles automatically.

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer was constructed with almost no ready-made components.

Decoration machine

This machine decorates cakes.


This bracket is used for recordings with 3D cameras.

Stage design

In this production in the Music Theatre Poznan, a laboratory table on stage needed to be extended in the middle of the scene.

Foil welding device

With this device, plastic bags are welded.

Inverter welding set

The welding head of this welding set can be height-adjusted.

Medical sports equipment

This device is used for physiotherapy treatment for back problems.

Multi-functional gantry in lightweight design

This student project deals with the development of an NC-controlled gantry for use as a multi-function machine tool.

Ergonomic office chair

Lubrication-free plastic bearings for ergonomic office chair

Test facilities

This test system labels and checks pharmaceutical packaging.

Masterpiece in carpentry

The table tops can move in a linear direction

Wafers for the world

Sturdy lead screw linear system for extracting paper ice-cream cones.

Stage hoist

drylin® W linear guides in a lifting platform for concert hall.

Bottling plants

Positioning with maintenance-free igus® lead screw units.

Wheel winch

This wheel winch uses RJUM-05-40 bearing housings.

Camping without lubricants

Highly compact while traveling, very spacious at the campground, with the help of drylin® lead screw modules.

3D Printing machine

Lubricant-free, accurate, and very quiet: igus® components in 3D printers.

Sausage link cutting machines

Clean, durable, and maintenance-free: polymer plain bearings in the food industry.

Utility vehicle technology

linear plain bearings for steering systems on bus trailers

Tyre mounting machine

This machine enables professional and time-saving mounting and removal of bicycle tyres.

Wear-resistant linear guides

Wear-resistant linear guides ensure 50 percent longer service-life for grinding tool machinery.

Bearings for lab presses

Gliding under the most demanding conditions. Stainless steel shafts, flanged and plain bearing for lab presses.

Wooden pallet manufacturing

Dry-running linear guides and pillow block bearings lead to high service lives in wooden pallet production

Linear technology in diaper production systems

Dry-running linear technology in diaper production systems

Bottling plant in the medical and lab technology

Lubricant-free lead screw units for a bottling plant in the medical technology

Feeder magazine for furniture components

In this case, the use of igus® products is not only advantageous from a technical, but also from a financial point of view when compared to competitive products.

Technical brushes

A builder of technical brush making machinery known world-wide, uses plain bearings from the igus® product range.

Lead screw nut in an edge-gluing machine

Lubricant and clearance-free lead screw nut system ensures precision glue dispensing on an edge-gluing machine

Shutoff valve

Plastic plain bearings in process engineering: Completely maintenance and lubricant-free.

Test stand for control centres

Only extensive earthbound testing can demonstrate the suitability of components for space applications.

Automatic multi-storey car park

Automobiles are parked and subsequently retrieved without the driver's involvement.

Lab equipment for liquid handling

Freedom from lubrication and cleanroom compatibility can be ensured with the maintenance-free steep thread nuts.

Laser marking unit

Among other things, the weight of this laser marking unit could be halved by the use of drylin®.


The drylin® spindle lift table with position indicator and handwheel is used in a coder to label cheese because of its freedom from lubricants.


A maintenance-free drylin® liner guide system was used in a sideboard to move the upper elements in a flexible manner.

Table with a concept

A drylin® linear guide has been opted in the production of a table due to its freedom from maintenance.

Plastic components in glass processing

For the precision machining in laser engraving machines, several maintenance-free plastic components are used at once.

Paper processing machines

By the use of clearance-free pretensioned nuts in format changing systems in the paper industry, a precise and maintenance-free adjustment of the formats is enabled.

Chess computer

By using drylin® TR steep thread nuts in two chess computers, large strokes can be covered in the shortest possible time.


The cover plate can be opened from the middle due to the glide rails.

Sliding worktop

The solid worktop can be moved on glide rails, increasing the working surface of the desk.

Pull-out tray in watch safe

In a very high quality watch safe, the sliding pull-out trays were implemented with linear profile guides.

Table with transverse pull-out tray

Linear plain bearings in the transverse pull-out tray of a wooden tabletop.

3D camera

Instead of using expensive 3D cameras, two regular cameras can be mounted on this device so that together they can generate a three-dimensional image.

3D camera

With this 3D camera system „3D RIG“, the focus was on ease of movement and maintenance freedom.

Work table

Noise-free and precise drylin® T-rail guides provide clearence for adjusting the height of the work tables.

Asbestos system

For this reason, drylin® linear guides and igubal® KSTM pedestal bearings are used; these need no maintenance and are not affected by the aggressive asbestos either.

Automatic door opener

This system can be used to convert any door to be opened automatically at the touch of a button.

Automatic gate

This gate, which can be opened and closed automatically, is used in sport stadiums and is folded like an accordion.

Bakery products gripper

This gripper picks up freshly baked goods from a conveyer belt and packs them in baskets.

Tape storage

This machine manages data back-up tapes. The transport movements inside are guided by drylin® N linear guides.

Drilling resistance gauge

This device measures the drilling resistance of a needle penetrating wood at high rotational speed.

Book digitalisation

This machine can scan books fully automatically, with no human intervention required.

Dental casting machine

This casting machine is used in dental laboratories to make dentures. Dentures are made with it​​.

Foil saw

The precise positioning for clean cuts was important here, as well as the fact that the entire system is maintenance-free.

Gripper for food packaging

This gripper takes packaging units from a sealing machine, turn each unit by 90 degrees and arranges them in cartons.

Mould tester

Since water is used, the linear guide must be able to work dependably under water.

Wood-packaging equipment

This equipment deals with the packaging of wood.

Inspection robot 2

By using iglidur® W300 plain bearings, reliability can be increased. The previously used ball bearings had to be oiled regularly, which is not the case with iglidur® bearings.

Camera dolly 1

This camera dolly is very quiet and easy to adjust. Thereby it allows many variations of movement.

Cheese-wheel turners

The rapid and hygienic cleaning of the machine was an important factor.

Core box

Here a core box is being moved for emptying and is then dumped.

Small electric plane

To achieve the best flying conditions, all components must be lightweight and at the same time as durable as possible.


Maximum care must be taken with hygiene wherever foodstuffs are handled.

Machine for extreme dirt removal

A low-cost linear plain bearing with a long service life was required, which can compensate alignment faults and is as light as possible.

Medication dispenser

This machine removes medications from the original packaging and re-packages them in smaller doses.

Medical body scanner

A drylin® T linear guide system is used in this medical body scanner.


This pagepulltester is a high-precision measuring instrument for the bookbinding industry.

Measuring system for tools

A gauge is guided on a drylin® T-rail. This

Model train lift

The trains belonging to this particular model train fan can be driven automatically from the shelf onto the track.

Packing robot

This packing robot even stacks baked goods in boxes. It has a double-headed gripper system.

Patient lift

The manus® contribution submitted here is the new development of a patient lift for ambulances for transporting patients who are able to sit in the vehicle.


This plotter is an economical solution for printing up to DIN A2 format.

Positioning frame

This frame construction allows the user to move the clamped tools, such as welding or milling equipment, along three axes, as desired.

Testing equipment for trains

Trains are tested for their electro-magnetic compatibility in a shielded hall here.

Tyre gauge

This device can measure the circumference of car tyres without the vehicle having to be moved.

Robot gripper

This contribution to the manus® competition – a robot gripper – is extremely flexible.

Dorsal trainer

This equipment is used to train the dorsal muscles. In order to use it comfortably, the base must be adjustable.

A saw for wood trim

This saw cuts wood trim to the right length.

Sanitary elements in mobile homes

Here, sanitary elements in the bathroom unit are installed with igus® products.


The cables that connect the tractor and semi-trailer must be flexible to compensate for the different lengths of trailers.

Foam cutter

The cutting wire is moved along the vertical axis by two drylin® ZLW toothed belt shafts.

Sliding door

The door, which is about 3 metres high and 1.7 metres wide, is supported by a drylin® W linear guide. The good gliding properties allow the door to be moved without any problems.

Grinding machine

All igus® products used are maintenance- free, giving the machine a long service-life.

Cutting mechanism 1

This cutting mechanism is used in the beverage industry. Several igus® products were used here.

„Drawer that slides round corners“

This smart application creates more stowage space under the bed.

Screen printing machine

Here a drylin® T linear guide is used in a high-performance screen printing machine.

Ski-jump trainer

This device can help ski jumpers to improve their jumps.

Solar silicon growth equipment

Previously, metal bearings and linear guides were used, which rusted quickly and therefore required frequent maintenance.

Deep-sea drive

This motor is to drive deep-sea robots even at 6,000 metres under the sea.

Machine for frying Spanish omelettes

Gold Award at manus® 2011: Machine for frying Spanish omelettes of Carmelo Lagunas Escudero, Spain

Transport with chains

This equipment is used in the food industry. The baked goods are separated on these chains.

Vending machine

This machine sells bottles of high-quality olive oil. Three movement axes are required to move the bottles from their fixture to the outlet.

Adjustable arm chairs

the armrests of this chair are adjustable, to accommodate the needs of the individual user.

Adjustable dining table

Are more guests coming than you expected? That‘s no problem with this dining table, because its width can be adjusted to exactly the width you need.

Adjustment unit

A drylin® T-linear guide is used for adjustment. This easily copes with the cycle rate of 80 cycles per minute.

Video wall

This video wall was built for a Dutch television station.

Weighing system

Any movement that is to be performed here must be lubrication-free, executed free of wear and, if wear does occur, it must be free of heavy metals, etc., that could give distorted results in the chemical analysis.

Drum sanding machine

The drylin® W linear guide used as a double rail more than four metres long, making adjustment of the console easy.

Wave machine

Since the tank is filled with salt water, the components used may not be susceptible to corrosion.


This turntable is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Train door

At a speed of more than 350 kilometres per hour, these trains will be racing through China as of 2012, connecting Beijing and Shanghai.

Filling system

High mileage in continuous operation: drylin® T in a filling system in the food industry.

Maintenance-free for 5 years

Ball bearings were used earlier in this parting unit. They completely came apart after just 6 months.

Production of aluminum cartridges

drylin® R in a facility for the production of aluminum cartridges.

Stop dog system

Prowadnica liniowa drylin® W została użyta tu do dokładnego szlifowania szkła.

Baking and conveyor unit

In this baking and conveyor unit, drylin® T and drylin® N flat guides are used.

Component test / Measuring technology

In this testing station, the eddy current crack detection of components for the automotive industry is conducted with the application of drylin® T.

Leg press on fitness equipment

Maintenance-free guide and bearing in seat and footrests on a fitness equipment.

Sheet metal forming

drylin® trapezoidal leadscrew nut in a sheet metal forming machine.

Blister machine / Packaging technology

drylin® W for positioning of films in a blister machine.

Closed-loop guide system

drylin® N 40 carriage is used in this closed-loop guide system.

Label feed

drylin® T in label feed with quick and flexible format adjustment.

Welding tongs for the automotive industry

drylin® T wytwarza równowagę między żywotności, a niską ceną

Mechanical deburring of metal parts

Plastic instead of recirculating ball bearings - drylin® linear guides for machine deburring

Mobile and stationary saw mills

Maintenance-free polymer bearings in mobile and stationary saw mills.

Handling device

drylin® linear guide systems provide for compact and thereby highly flexible handling devices.

Platforma wiertnicza

drylin®: Wyzwanie w ciężkich warunkach - łożyska polimerowe w urządzeniu pomiarowym na platformie wiertniczej

Flatbed ink-jet printer

drylin® W in a flatbed ink-jet printer.

Bottle grabber

Lower wear and more cost effective by converting to drylin®: so far the system has run without failures.

Bottle-packing machine

Ideal guidance of the bottle gripper through drylin®.

Conveyor chain

Application of drylin® W for the guidance of a conveyor chain for goods.

Filling-shoe mechanism in a compaction unit

Application of drylin® R linear plain bearings for a filling shoe mechanism of a compaction unit.

Separation of bottles

drylin® SLW - With reverse spindle in the glass industry for separation of bottles.

Glass cutting machine

drylin® W in adjusting unit for a glass cutting machine.

Encoding machine

Aplikacja stolika liniowego drylin® w maszynie kodującej do regulacji wysokości podczas zmiany materiału kodującego.

Inspection optics

drylin® T in inspection optics for trouble-free examination of concealed solder joints in components.

Enveloping machine

drylin® T linear guides of a pneumatic opener mounted on one side for envelopes.

Maszyna grawerująca

An engraving machine with igus® products, as final project work after four years of advanced education in automation technology.

Machine tool door

Affordable and dirt-resistant door guide in a machine tool.

Two-component mixing unit

Nakrętki trapezowe drylin® i wysokiej wydajności polimery iglidur® w akcji.

Machining center in the furniture industry

For the perfect cut. drylin® T in a machining center in the furniture industry.

Positioning of milling heads

The positioning of milling heads is done with drylin® SHT linear slide table in this plant which manufactures aluminum window frames.

Robot czyszczący

Robot czyszczący w Hans Böckler-Schule w Berufskolleg Münster łączy technologię z historią kultury.

Tube-bending machine

For extremely high strengths: drylin® T linear guide in a tube-bending machine.

Spotlight adjustment

The drylin® N flat guide in a special design provides for the adjustment of spotlights.

Grinding machine

Application of drylin® T for adjustment of the pressing roller and the compensation of the imbalance of the grinding tools.

Automatic welding cap changer

Automotive industry: flexible linear sliding system for automatic welding cap changer.

Champagne bottle
sealing machine

drylin® in a champagne bottle
sealing machine in the filling technology.

Set head for small format tiles

drylin® guide systems in a die head for small size tiles work without problems despite dusty and cramped working conditions.

Testing and sorting machine

The removal unit is moved along the X-Y axis using the space-saving and cost-saving drylin® N flat guide.

Digital storage solution

Even extremely low oil mist could lead to the loss of data - therefore the dry-operating drylin® N flat guide system was used.

Electrical actuator

Dla ekstremalnie zróżnicowanych formatów regulacji: drylin® SHT stolik liniowy

X-Y-Z table adjustment

drylin® SHT do dokładnego pozycjonowania w osiach XYZ

Parting-off grinder

Application of drylin® R for the guidance of the cutting table

Transfer unit

drylin® - Application in the food technology due to the freedom from lubricants.

Door guide of machine tools

Smooth and silent operation due to drylin® in the doors of the machine tool.

World Skills

World Skills professional championships - 5th place in mobile robotics.

Toothed belt unit with guide system

The toothed belt unit with the drylin® N guide system is suited for highly dynamic applications.

Designer lamp

Besides the grease and lubricant-free operation, the silent and smooth operation of the drylin® linear guide system were decisive for using this system in this designer lamp.

Longitudinal stop

Stop carriage runs smoothly due to wear-resistant high-performance polymers.

Bag forming, filling and sealing machine

Maintenance-free plastic bearing defy all outer influences and provides for the required service life.

Catering kitchen technology

Chemical-resistant and corrosion-free: maintenance-free polymer plain bearings in catering kitchen appliances.

Photovoltaic tracking system

Wiatr, piasek i słońce: Plastikowe łożyska dla techniki solarnej

Dialysis chair

Maintenance-free guide and bearing in arm and leg rest on the dialysis chair.

Leather industry

Precise and durable - Polymer bearings for novel leather splitting machine.

Packaging machines

Sought by Mr. Clean - The lubricant-free bearing system is highly recommended for the food and hygiene industry.

Straightening technology

Quick, straight, precise: this is how the requirements in sheet metal machining can be summarized. Sophisticated straightening technology makes all this possible.

Screen printing machine

Maximum precision in color application, thanks to drylin®.

Roof sliding door for entering crane cabin

Saves costs and better

Screen lifter for large displays

Lifting heavy loads

Automatic cup supply system for cup filling line

No lubricants in food sector

Ploter termiczny do wycinania elementów ze styropianu

Prostsza produkcja

CNC-controlled laser cutting machine

Perfect operation

Mobile and stationary saw mills

Nothing sticks

The Qube - the cocktail machine

Maintenance-free dosing

Height-adjustable seat

Quiet and maintenance-free

Machine for cleaning toilet seats

Resistant against chemicals and dirt

Storage-slide unit for an automatic storage/retrieval system

Effective with little installation space

Pizza machine

Hot and cold

Winding machine for carbon fiber spools

No stick-slip

Dining table

Attractive and quiet

Adjustable biker's foot rest on motorbike

Flat and durable

Electric motor glider

Robust and vibration-reducing

Water turbine for power generation

Cost-saving and efficient

Cleaning robot

Light and clean

Student project "PLC laboratory"

High positioning accuracy

manus® Bronze: Over 170,000 Euro of benefits

Over 170,000 Euro of benefits were able to be achieved by using polymer plain bearings


The bearings reliably transmit the high radial centering forces with low friction and free of stick-slip and minimize the arm system's friction through their integrated start-up.

Płytka obwodowa

This novel insertion head (pick & place) for circuit board machine uses drylin® liners.

Głowica dla tytułów małego formatu

Wspornikowe wałki aluminiowe drylin® z wózkiem w pozycjonowaniu głowicy.

Buzz saw

Zwiększenie operatywności poprzez zastosowanie łożysk liniowych drylin®.

Urządzenie opróżniające puszki z jedzeniem

The problem of the design was in the limited installation space by the combination of two movements independent of each other and the high mechanical stressing.

Pakowarka butelek

Pneumatycznie napędzanych chwytak w pakowarce butelek


In this application as well, glide pads made of polymer contribute toward the enhancement of the technical performance and an increase in the degree of automation.

Cięcie rur betonowych

Concrete cutting machine in extremely heavy-duty operation since three years free of maintenance.

System podnośnika

Cichy system podnoszenia dla domków jednorodzinnych

Edge processing

Due to the low friction in the use of roller bearings, a complex counter force or gripping mechanism is necessary.

Stanowisko badania przecieków

Leak test stand for the quality control of heat exchangers.

Maszyna kontroli pokrowców foteli

Reduction of maintenance rate through polymer plain bearings in seat cover testing machine.

Art over TV - Art over flat-screen TV

Flat-screen TVs are increasingly mounted on walls. But previously pictures or paintings often hung at this place. Art over TV combines both.


The igus® potentials enable a precise guidance and the maximum gripper speed in both directions "X" and "Y".

System załaduku helikoptera

A novel external load system for helicopters required a low weight, high reliability with simultaneous weather resistance and freedom from maintenance.

Autmatyzacja koszy

In the redesigning of the table guidance, the focus was on a ready-to-install, cost-efficient, durable and lubricant-free bearing and guide.

Stół obrotowy

Rotary indexing table for the manufacture of plastic products: igus® guiding systems and energy chains contribute to the problem solution.

Tester szczoteczek do zębów

Tester szczoteczek do zębów działa bezgłośnie dzięki zastosowaniu polimerowych łożysk ślizgowych.

Podnosnik dla przemysłu spozywczego

The employed liner also compensates for a minor misalignment in the axles. The most important feature is the fat-free and chemical resistant version.

Odlewanie ciśnieniowe

Since the switch to drylin® W, the system runs without any problem and without a stoppage.

Aktuator liniowy

Linear actuator with toothed belt drive: All disadvantages were eliminated by the drylin® WQ guide system.

Inspekcja pierścieni sprężynujących

The application of drylin® linear housings and iglidur® G plain bearings enable the centering pin to have a clean and easy drive up.


Besides, there were substantial quality limitations with regard to the large clearance in the ball guide. With the igus® low profile guide system, this problem was ideally solved at a low price.

Skaner ciała

Body scanner for recording body parameters in a coordinate system.

Linia malowania

Conventional guide systems break down as no oil or fat whatsoever should enter the dipping bath.

Special bikes and therapeutic accessories

Plain, spherical and linear bearings made of plastic help to improve mobility and the quality of life

Prowadzenie kabla na robocie

W przypadku tego robota przemysłowego , sztywna rura między osią czwarta a szóstą została zastapiana, elastycznym prowadnikiem triflex® R.

Data storage device

The plastic bearings allowed the design department to fulfill the specifications for designing the input/output port.

Milling device

Milling device with limited clearance

Slide fastening track

Replacement of solution with lubricants in fastening device to secure aluminium sliding windows.

Air cushion table

Reliable continuous operation in air cushion table on industrial feed.

Automatic product feed

An automatic product feed takes products to a blister sealing machine.

Injection molding machine

drylin® copes with long distances and offers a high cost reduction.

Symulator egulacji przepływu

The bearings from igus® were decided because they are maintenance-free and cost-effective and absolutely simple to handle.

Piłakrzyki stołowe

Application of a high-value spindle lift table with steep-threaded spindle, linear guide systems and igubal® spherical bearings.

PLC laboratory trainer

The aim of the concept is to demonstrate to the students how to handle a programmable logic controller (abbreviation: PLC) in an attractive way.

Ultra high vacuum gadget

Despite the particularly very high temperatures (up to 180°C during baking out of the gadget), the igus® plain bearings provide for the necessary flexibility and simultaneous precision.

Środkowy podłokietnik

iglidur® polymer bearings / drylin® linear slide bearings in center armrest


For the equipment made for the film "Chrysalis", only high quality materials were used.

Fence post

As the air in the machinery is very dusty, no lubricants may be used in the production process.

Assembly press for air conditioning unit

Using drylin® T linear guide and iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings, the movement under the press and the pivoting of the parts to be assembled is mastered.

Folding and gluing machines

When it comes to designing customer-specific folding box gluing machines, special machine constructor Bernhardt Maschinenbau relies on lubricant and maintenance-free linear plain bearings.

Horizontal forming, filling and sealing machines

On these horizontal forming, filling and sealing machines, the total freedom from maintenance over the machines' entire life cycle was particularly important for the customer.

CNC-Machining centre

Lightweight, robust and do not require polymer bearings are installed in machine tools and machining centres across a large range of industries.

Sliding sunshade

While designing the sliding sunshade, much emphasis was placed upon a dirt- and weather-resistant bearing and guidance.

Safety door adjustment

In this safety door adjustment application in a washing plant, a drylin® W linear guide with integrated rollers was chosen.

drylin® linear axes in inspection installations

Visual inspection of very large numbers of small components: The job of automating this task has been taken on by Gefra GmbH in Friedewald/ Westerwald

drylin® E in filling system

Maintenance-free drylin E room linear robot from igus enables optimum use of the available installation space in filling plant of M2-Automation

Application examples from other product areas