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chainflex® - application examples

chainflex® works. or your money back.

For the customer, the production must go on without problems and an energy supply system should accordingly function smoothly. That presupposes the effortless performance of all components and the cables used in them. igus® was the first company to develop a complete e-chain system®. chainflex® cables and e-chain® are supplied from one source and - according to application - offered with a system guarantee. The design principles that help to prevent machine downtimes all over the world have emerged and still develop from the know-how in cables that grew since 1989 and from a series of very laborious experiments.

How chainflex® special cables keep a palletising system running

15 years maintenance-free: How special cables keep a palletising system running - The energy supply system from igus covers 73 million double strokes without a cable failure and breaks all records in the process!

chainflex® cables in automated order picking systems

Gripper gymnastics in the chemist's shop - chainflex® cables in automated order picking systems

Energy chains and cables for fail-safe storage and retrieval units

chainflex special cables and plastic energy chains are used in these automated and highly flexible storage systems from viastore SYSTEMS GmbH.

e-prowadniki w tokarkach wielowrzecionowych

Złoty vector trafia do Gildemeister Italiana S.p.A. z Włoch dzięki wielowrzecionowej tokarce.

Innovative connection technology with chainflex® thermal compensation cables

It does not always have to be copper - MS Spaichingen uses chainflex® thermal compensation cable for innovative connection technology

Maintenance platform

Maintenance platform for WKA rotors, equipped with maintenance-free products from igus.

chainflex® cables with insulation displacement technology

Permanent connection - Tried and tested: Insulation displacement connection technology (IDC) in movable cable systems from igus® & HARTING

Torque-resistant cables for vertical order pickers of up to twelve meters

To avoid corkscrews, chainflex signal and power cables supply the logistics specialist Still's lift frames, which can be extended up to twelve metres.

Tested cable/connector combinations

Tested cable/connector combinations increase the safety of machines

IMAGIC flex drilling systems

The hybrid cables of the chainflex® product range are tried and tested and used in the new flexible IMAGIC flex drilling systems.

Chip card readers

Special, high tensile strength bus cables for chip card readers in a lift system.

Wtryskarka szybkoobrotowa

Hekuma od ponad 10 lat stosuje przewody sterownicze chainflex i e-prowadniki E6 w swoich wysokowydajnych wtryskarkach dla przemysłu tworzyw sztucznych.

High-performance cable system

The combination of chainflex cables and MFP8 RJ45 plug connectors offers outstanding transmission characteristics even after millions of cycles.

Pick-and-place machine

Cables for 400 million strokes in ultra-fast pick-and-place movements.

Large machining centres

Measuring system cable also transmits signals safely over large distances and thus ensures high machine availability.

Jednostka napełniająca

Nigdy więcej awarii podczas precyzyjnego dozowania płynów.

Energia słoneczna na żaglowcu

W celu ochrony przed wpływami zewnętrznymi przewody łączące ogniwa słonecznego zostały zamontowane w e-prowadniku E2 micro.

Circuit board assembler

17 million cycles per year – chainflex® cables for PCB assembly machine.

Produkcja betonu

Przewody sterownicze chainflex® znacznie zmniejszają awaryjność maszyny w fabryce betonu.

Ekran LED

Odporne na temperaturę przewody chainflex® w ekranie LED.

Sewage treatment plant

Energy chain system instead of cable drum - Smooth operation at the sewage treatment plant since 2000

Drzwi przedziału pasażerskiego

Przewody sterownicze dla bardzo małych promieni gięcia w drzwiach przedziału pasażerskiego w pojazdach komunikacji miejskiej.

Stacking unit

300,000 double strokes a month impose rigorous requirements on the control cable.

Composting plant

Heat, abrasive dirt, high atmospheric moisture: These are only some of the ambient conditions in a composting plant.

Furniture factory

Cables with high bending strength increase machine availability in the furniture industry.

Roof structure

Thanks to the construction with e-chains® in the thermal spas in Bad Wörishofen, about 100 meters of cable could be saved and the weight of the roof was reduced.

Wood industry

The igus® preassembled energy chains create a lasting, low-wear connection to the tools.

Lathe and grinder with durable energy chains

Top condition even after 9 years - Preassembled energy supply systems for precision machines working under tough environmental conditions

Fairground rides

The demands on the facility are very high. All parts of the elevator are permanently exposed to wind and weather, and additional centrifugal forces act upon the parts by the 180° rotation.

Safe cable guidance for 12 STS cranes at high travel speeds

Crane travels up to 500 m with energy chain systems and cables from igus®.

Streetcar switches

The applied material repels chips with temperatures up to 850° C without leaving a trace.

Loading and unloading facility

Rigorous requirements imposed on the energy supply: Cycle times and narrow bend radii are a considerable strain on energy supply and lines.

Wood and sandwich processing

Here an energy supply system was developed from standard parts, whose piggyback system at last allocates a
defined place for the large volume suction hoses.

Quickly installed energy chain in a Waldrich Coburg gantry milling machine

Pre-assembled energy supply systems for machine tool construction saved several weeks of assembly time in this application.

Robust cable guidance for dynamic Bystronic laser cutting machines

Because of the extremely high demands on dynamics and the high lateral accelerations, the energy chain has to be stable, robust, and not too heavy.

Tailored energy supply for indoor cranes on a 32m long crane runway

The operator opted for energy chains for this indoor crane. They enable high flexibility, variability and space-saving installation.

Energy supply system on shipyard crane: Functionally reliable despite typhoon storms

Energy supply systems for shipyard cranes successfully in operation since six years.

Roller energy chain on ship unloaders over 400m travel

On a 441.3 m travel, a roller energy chain reduces the drive power by 75%

Energy chain at the bulk goods ship loader in the Baltic Sea port of Wismar

Since the ship loader started operations in 2000, no troubles, either mechanical or in the cables, have occurred in the energy chain area.

Glass production

Higher variability at lower costs - Multidimensional energy supply systems raise the performance of robots.

Handling system

Robotic handling system for circuit boards. Flexible energy supply system in use in clean room technology.

OpenHydro tidal turbine

A plastic chain makes any kind of maintenance on the open sea obsolete; a conventional metal chain would not be adequate for the combination of technical, climatic and mechanical requirements.

Robot Dummy

Bardzo duże przyspieszenia były tu dużym wyzwaniem dla konstruktorów tego robota.

Podwodna maszyna drążąca

Serwoprzewody serii CF27.D do zastosowań podwodnych.

TV - production

Highly flexible chainflex® control cables in TV production.

Tramwaj niskopodłogowy

Bezpieczeństwo pracy w pojazdach niskopodłogowych dzięki kablowi sterowniczemu chainflex® dla bardzo małych promieni gięcia.

Machine building

The technical demands on energy supply systems in machinery and plant construction require cables that work reliably.

Special machine construction

Energy supply systems demonstrate their reliability even in particularly aggressive environmental conditions in special-purpose machinery construction.

Digital camera technology

The chainflex® bus cables are used for their robustness and signal quality.

Resilient energy supply systems and cables for linear drive technology from HIWIN

Energy supply systems and cables for the highest demands in linear drive technology.

Electric go-cart

Conversion of a go-cart with combustion engine into an electric go-cart with maximum driving pleasure.

Cordless screwdriver race

The unusual design for a recumbent bicycle has got what it takes: cordless screwdrivers are used here to drive it.

Żurawie wewnętrzne i zewnętrzne

Żurawie zewnętrzne muszą wytrzymać trudne warunki pogodowe. Żurawie wewnętrzne pracują również pod zmiennym wpływem wilgoci przy jednocześnie bardzo wysokich temperaturach.

Conveyor unit of coal excavator

The winner of this year’s golden vector is also the longest travel ever to be realised with plastic energy chains in the world.

Multi-axis robots

Maintenance free with cables and multi-dimensional energy chains.

chainflex CASE application

Simply saved in storage costs, delivery costs and process costs


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