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... for inspiring applications with e-chains® …e-chain systems® with cables…

Modern polymer energy supply chains are the umbilical cord of mechanical engineering and automation They ensure the safe supply of energy, data, pulses and operating media and are always in motion. They can be used universally – on cranes, machine tools and robots, all the way to Hollywood.

Drilling platform

High costs, numerous manual processes and a high safety risk for workers. A new robotsupported solution compensates all these negative factors associated with working on an oil drilling platform

Tooling machine

Tool- and mould-making

System technology

3rd place for industrial concrete component production

Yacht systems

Special prize for a truly unique yacht concept

3D printing

Solar cells are produced using a 3D printing system

3D printing

Filling and packaging technology

Ejection belts

The conveyor belt conveys highly flammable sulphur and transports it to its destination in the harbour area.

Additive manufacturing

The challenge: Cable and hose management for a laser-controlled system.


A Discone antenna rotates about + / - 360 degrees an in the vertical axis about + / - 130 degrees.

Automotive industry

The demand for reliable, energy-saving light solutions is growing.


An unbelievable all-round talent: Compared with standard automats, this device does not only sell sweets but


A rail-guided conveying system in open-face mining uses two e-chains® from igus® for cable management.


A single module needed to be modernized inside of a system. It provides a rubber band with traverse cuts.


Machining devices are produced for the ceramic industry


Special machine tool engineering with the focus on reinforcing steel processing: A new system has been developed for a new finished part system, which produces steel baskets in batch size 1 fully automatic.


Robot controlled procedure in the car industry: Spot welding or arc welding are applications that are used in very different assemblies.

Automatic feed system

“Heleva” is an intelligent and automatic material handling system that feeds print media to large format plotters.

Automotive industry

Electronic components in vehicles are checked over again in the last production segment – robots check all the systems on the interior.

Automotive industry

During pre-treatment vehicle bodies are squirted with water.

Car transporter

Standard platforms of common car transporters have a high inclination angle – it can easily be 12 to 15 degrees.

Bale press

Machines which press material into bales are used in many branches.

Mining application

A versatile applicable commercial vehicle from underground mining that is required for maintenance in different sectors.


Spraying technology for greenhouses: A moving system which is equipped with heating pipes and supplemented by spraying strips.


Sorghum, a type of millet, mainly grows in Africa, Asia and Central America.

Stage technology

Functional design of a stage system for an opera house – with main stage and mobile stage:

Stage technology

The new opera house in Dubai is to provide space for up to 2000 people and be able to be converted into a traditional theatre, concert hall or exhibition space depending on the event.

Stage technology

The Congress and cultural centre in Toruń inspired by its organic language of the architecture.

CNC grinding machines

A very new generation of camshaft grinding machines

CNC technology

CNC drilling or milling – simultaneously at both sides of the machine tool shaft.

CNC technology

A multifunctional CNC machine for 3D printing with plastics or polymers for milling in metal, wood, stone or glass and UV laser engraving.

CNC technology

CNC plasma cutting machines in different versions and for varying applications.

CNC technology

CNC plasma cutting machines in different versions and for varying applications.

Deposition and analysis systems

PREVAC is one of the leading manufacturers of research instruments and systems in the UHV segment in the world:

System uszczelnienia

Przemysłowa kamera monitoruje robota, który przejmuje wstawianie uszczelek w przemyśle samochodowym.

Dosing and mixing technology

Produced are solvents for low and high viscous media such as oil, silicone, adhesives or materials made of two components.

Swing bridge

The swing bridge is one of the attractions in the English county of Selby.

Elevator technology

A steelworks in Iran ordered an elevator. This was to transport both people and materials.

Milling centre

This application involves the swivelling head of a milling centre – it rotates through 90 degrees around the workpiece to be machined.

Glass processing

Until today, glass could only be cut until the maximum length of 6 metres.

Giant crane

The portal crane “Goliath” is used for shipbuilding. Problematic was the cable management.

Lifting system

Cranes and lifting systems for different industrial applications in sectors like cleanroom environment, semi-conductor production and pharmacy.

High-frequency welding technology

FIAB 1400L XS is the smaller and more compact model of a high-performance mobile welding machine.

Hybrid Drive

“RowTrike” - the best combination between fun and fitness.

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders are used in sluices to open its gates.

Induction melts

The process is carried out in a highvacuum chamber.

Industry automation

Lifting platform for incoming and outgoing goods: Individual boxes are processed on different levels.

Roboty przemysłowe

Ten robot nakłada różne materiały na podłogę: Przewody muszą spełniać szczególne wymagania w przypadku robota "Floor Master"

Industrial robots

A perpendicular robot with 16 axes – used for the transportation and assembly of heavy working equipment.

Industry washing facility

A robot is positioned in a washing chamber and the cables for sensor or pneumatic hoses revive its six axles.


66 electronic music instruments: They are connected to a keyboard and are producing sound.

Camera robot systems

Camera robots for an application in news and television studios:

Core machine

Production processes as for example in the automobile industry are using core machines.

Control systems

Operating stations for a crane seat – the system is used in an aluminium smelt works.

Crane systems

Traveling cranes and crane components – tailored to individual

Crane technology

In a dumb deposit company in Belgium, the trailing cables have been replaced in two running cranes with e-chains® from igus®.

Loading system

An onboard loading system for delivery trucks: items which have been very difficult to transport up to now are no longer a problem.

Lamp design

Design of living space with igus® – space, light, dynamics are given new impulses with a customised object.

Longitudinal section system

This system is used in the textile industry and it is equipped with five cutting knifes. The fabric’s width is configurable according to the customer’s demand.


Launch and Recovery System (LARS) – a process

Food industry

We are talking about ice cream: A production line produces different container formats that vary in length and width depending on the customer`s requirements.

PCB production

A dust-free environment is an absolute must for the production of PCBs and semi-conductors.


The world’s first LNG HYBRID barge for supplying cruise ships with power during their time in the harbour.

Logistics solutions

A fully automatized distribution system has been developed

Logistics systems

IE-commerce leads to more and more shipments being dispatched every day.

Maritime crane

Changed crane supply on an installation vessel: An XXL energy chain with a rearward bending radius shall ensure the power and signal supply as an alternative to a slip ring.

Awning illumination

There are twelve awnings in this application that can be individually controlled and separately travelled – equipped with LED technology

Medical technology

Hand pieces are often used for medical accessories that communicate via electric cables or hosepipes with a console.

Medical technology

Pipetting by hand is a time-consuming procedure.

Furniture design

It can be so simple to turn a bistro table into a table for a dinner with several persons.

Nuclear physics

A telescope that allows research and observation of the Tscherenkow radiation in an international project can rotate around two axles.

Surface technology

Coating with phosphate causes a chemical process on surfaces to avoid corrosion – as for example on car bodies.

Offshore application

A lifting and lowering device for the blades of naval vessels has been developed.

Palletizing system

e-chains® from igus® are used in a modern palletizing system

Paper factory

Scanner application in the paper factory

Pick and place applications

The new robot system “Pickable” can lift and drop objects with high-speed.

Board lubricator

The challenge: Provision of an efficient and speed-dependent board lubricator with different material width and tool infeed heights.


This is the new type of exoskeleton robot and it is worn on the body to enforce the movement of the patient.

Robotic crane

The robotic crane is mounted on a truck – it loads recycling containers at both sides of the truck.

Robot systems

The robot system carries out two jointed movements – in opposite directions. The radius of movement ranges from -60 degrees to +85 degrees.

Robot technology

Required is an intelligent robot: It shall drive though a door to a bed to provide an ice cooler with a bottle of champagne.


Industry robots that pick up small or unwieldy products:

Roll-on/roll-off ship technology

Mobile car decks – the individual levels can be moved for transporting vehicles in the cargo area of a roll-on/roll-off ship.

Towing attachment

One of the most modern towing platforms to test ships’ models:


A circular blending bed can be used to store and retrieve material at the same time – in this case petroleum coke.

Protective screen

Flies in summer, spiders in autumn – no-one likes insects in their living space at any time of year.

Automatic welding

Industrial automation with welding robots – adapted to flexible production

Sealing machine

A new closing machine manages two processes in one work step.

Special-purpose vehicle

This special crane is used for the construction of buildings with facades that consist mainly of glass.

Automatic injection moulding

Here, a triflex® from igus® protects the pneumatic lines attached to a robot: it is an integrated part of an injection moulding line.

Przemysł stalowy

Głównym zadanie zakładu w zakresie stopów żelaza należy do przenośników taśmowych, które transportują surowiec do pieców redukcyjnych.

Steel industry

Two electrical light bow ovens are applied in this production of ferroalloys.

Conveyor belts

A mobile, vibrating conveyor belt – for conveying bags and boxes from a basement up to street level.


Animal transports include a three times higher rate of accidents for the drivers, compared with shipping services in other branches.

Door system

The garage of a city mansion should have be equipped with a moveable gate.

TV lift

A TV set with a diagonal screen size of 55 inches is to be moved with a lift system so that it can disappear from view

Consumer electronics

Lifts for televisions and monitors – this is how devices disappear when they are not in use.

Vacuum process technology

In this application, the energy supply to a mobile chamber for the high-pressure gas quenching of heat-treated components had to be optimised.

Event technology

Puy du Fou is a historic theme park.

Vertical farming

Aeroponics – an innovative form of growing plants in order to produce sufficient food in an urbanised world.

Vertical machining centre

Vertical machining centre and CNC turning lathe

Weapons technology

Electrical signals need to be transmitted between the barbette and a rotating platform.

Washing system

This is one of the most modern cleaning systems for railways: Washing the trains is not made by hand any longer, but automated.

Water jet cutting

The “waterproof” aspect is one of the most important for components used for water-jet cutting.

Machine tools

A machining centre with 5 axles – the headstock performs a swivel movement from 0 to 180 degree.

Machine tool manufacture

A newly developed horizontal CNC inclined-bed turning lathe, equipped with a main and opposed spindle as well as two turrets

Winding machine

This system uses different winding and unwinding axles as well as motion sequences for the individual rollers.

Caravan technology

The space in a caravan is limited.

Machine tool manufacture

A five-axis machining centre with a headstock that performs a swivel movement from 0 to 180 degrees.

Further Applications

More applications from different sectors can be found here