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Handling system ”roboLoop“

Güdel GmbH handed in its linking system ”roboLoop“ for the vector award competition. For the first time in industrial automation, an e-chain® was used here in curved sections with a very long travel distance. The igus® system E4/4 bridges both the total travel distance of approx. 45 metres and the 90° curve included in it. The ”roboLoop“ system itself offers many ways to optimise the fabrication sequences because – unlike conventional gantry systems – this system can be used to drive through curves or operate several trolleys in one system. The decisive factor: The system is always ready for use, and any maintenance work or repairs can be carried out during running operation. The system requires electric current, air, and oil for its operation. All these media are safely supplied to the consumer units using the deployed e-chain®. That is why the jury awarded the golden vector to Güdel GmbH.

Güdel GmbH, Markus Domeier,
Osterburken, Germany

Handling system ”roboLoop“
Handling system ”roboLoop“
Handling system ”roboLoop“

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