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igumid P150-PF, filament for 3D printing

  • Highest strength and stiffness through fibre reinforcement
  • Suitable for structural components and multi-material parts
  • Flexural strength 87 MPa, flexural modulus of elasticity 5 GPa
  • Ideal for lightweight construction
  • Lower material requirements due to high strength and high stiffness
Opis produktu
igumid P150 is an extremely strong and rigid 3D printing filament due to fiber reinforcement. It was specially developed as a material partner for iglidur I150-PF for the production of particularly strong and at the same time friction-optimized components in multi-material printing. Furthermore, it can be used for the printing of stable structural components. Thanks to its high strength and high rigidity, igumid P150 is ideally suited for lightweight construction with low material requirements. 

igumid P150 can be purchased as a filament for processing with your own printer or ordered in the Online 3D printing service via STEP file as a stand-alone component or as a 2K component in combination with iglidur I150.

Due to the abrasive fibres, the printer used for processing the filament should have a wear-resistant (e.g. hardened) nozzle and extruder pinion. For better adhesion to the printing plate, the Środek wiążący do trybofilamentów can be used.

Further information on the use of igumid P150 can be found on the Multi-material 3D printing website. You can find Design instructions for multi-material print in our blog.
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